Ableforths Bathtub Gin

Posted by Mark J, Brookshaw on 29th Apr 2017

Welcome to our new range of Ableforth’s Gins! Take a look around, you might discover something that takes your fancy...

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since the first bottle of Bathtub Gin was patiently crafted from a gorgeous array of botanicals, wrapped in brown paper, tied with twine, sealed with wax (all done by hand to this day) and sold to their very first customer. Since then they have been busy creating all manner of curious libations for the delight and delectation of discerning palates and have been honoured to receive some of the most prestigious international awards in the industry for our spirits and liqueurs.

Ableforths Bathtub Gin

Each of their bottlings represents an idea that’s been perfected and refined, without compromise, using the very finest ingredients. The use of cold-compounding and even cold-distillation ensure that each bottle contains rich, complex and fresh flavours and that delicate botanicals remain intact.

A couple of months after Bathtub Gin, still in 2011, they introduced the world to that most shipshape of spiced rums: Rumbullion! Again, they hand wrapped their creation in their unmistakable (and soon to be award-winning) brown paper and twine packaging before sealing with wax, except this time they allowed the wax to drip pleasingly down the bottle. That’s the surefire way to spot a Rumbullion! amongst their other bottles.

Ableforths Bathtub GinThey didn’t stop there, though. 2012 saw Old TomSloe Gin, the intense Navy-Strength and also Cask-Aged variants of Bathtub Gin added to the range, soon joined by the Cask-Aged Navy-Strength version in 2013. Just a month later Bathtub Gin was then awarded a Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge 2013! Bathtub had arrived. It’s since picked up top medals from the IWSC, the ISC and The Gin Masters, a Double Gold & Best of Show from the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America and been named World's Best Compound Gin at the World Gin Awards. They even picked up another ISC Trophy in 2015, this time for their Sloe Gin!

Once again, Rumbullion! was never far behind with its own tremendous Navy-Strength variant launching in late 2012 and the truly special Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old - the world’s first super-premium spiced rum, named Best Spiced Rum at the World Rum Awards 2015 - joining the family in the summer of 2014.

The Ableforth’s range extends beyond their beloved Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion!, however. Back in 2012 they launched their clear 91.2% abv Cold-Distilled Absinthe and created the perfect summer quaff with our Summer Fruit Cup, before going on to create their own Cherry Brandy and ‘fix’ both mulled wine and festive cocktails with our Christmas Mulled Cup in 2013! Award-winners each and every one of them.

More recently, things have been getting bigger with Magnums (1.5 litre bottles) of their classic Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion! - Bathtub is now even available in Methuselah size (that’s 6 litres!) too. Perfect for parties, events or for anyone who simply wants to stock up less often!

Whether you're already familiar with their fine libations or just discovering them, we hope you find everything you’re looking for on the Edencroft website.