Compass Box / New Releases and a few old favourites.

31st May 2016

Double Single / Full, soft palate of flavours reminiscent of pear fruit, maltiness, vanilla and crème brûlée.

The Peat Monster 10th Anniversary / Intense aromas of peet-reek, smoke, seaside character and burnt ropes, with a subtle apple-fruitiness in the background. The palate is full, round and tremendously complex. Water brings out a spiceladen, sweet vanilla character, as well.

Hedonism Blended Grain / Elegant flavours of vanilla cream, toffee, coconut.

Hedonism 10th Anniversary / Deep, rich flavours of vanilla, coconut and spice.

The Lost Blend /  An elegantly complex union of two fruity Highland single malts and a peaty Islay single malt. An ethereal fruit and herbal character and a sweetness on the palate is buttressed by an underlying smokiness.

This is not a luxury Whisky / Complex, rich, lightly smoky and opulent. Sultanas, sweet sherry and concentrated floral notes combine with deep demerara sweetness, cacao and lighter creamy coconut character. An inviting nose, fat and full-bodied on the palate with a long, lingering sweetsmoke finish.

The Circus / A lithe frame and opulent mouthfeel showcasing the supple softness of mature grain and the complexity of aged Blended Scotch Whisky. Brimming with dried fruit character, a luscious maltiness and nuances of almond and hazelnut.

Enlightenment / Fresh, vibrant and uplifting with a mouthfeel that is moreish and mouth-watering. On the nose you will find bright apple and pear, vanilla cream and light violet; on the palate soft spice, gentle citric notes and more of that uplifting orchard fruit character.

All sold on a first come basis.