Tomatin / 1975 Warehouse 6 Collection

13th Mar 2019

In the heart of the distillery grounds there is a quiet corner. In these sacred surrounds sits the traditional dunnage warehouse. Within, their most treasured casks. These exclusive casks enjoy a magnificent atmosphere, laid low on antique wooden rails above cool earthen floor and stacked single level – unencumbered – so the warehouse men may keep vigil on the gently maturing spirit.

At Tomatin’s very core, Warehouse 6, is a truly special place. Since being distilled on December 8, 1975, the precious spirit inside cask number 35834 has been lying undisturbed in Warehouse 6, gently and slowly maturing in a hand-selected Spanish Oloroso Sherry Butt. The cask’s custodians have been their long-standing distillery men who have been maintaining the warehouses and their exquisite contents over time – indeed over four decades – allowing a well-balanced and elegant spirit to emerge from within.

With patience comes reward. Forty-three years on, the Distillery Manager, Graham Eunson, has declared this spirit ready to be relished. In perfect harmony, tropical and dried fruits, dark chocolate and warm spices balance with the complex background aromas created by decades of slow oxidation in its unique warehouse locale indicating a profound provenance, before a long and elegant finish... read more