Whisky Israel Verdict of the anCnoc 24 Year Old.

Posted by Gal Granov on 8th Nov 2017

Some very good news on the local Israeli whisky scene as AnCnoc whisky is official imported (At last!). I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen, as I’ve been a fan of the distillery for quite a few years now. Initially the 12, 18 and 24 year old expressions are available locally, and at great prices in some stores (and online: sipil.co.il), prices that are in par with EU/UK prices – Good stuff!

I reviewed the 12 and 18 a long time ago, but somehow the 24 year old which came later, was never properly reviewed here – time to make amends. The 24 year old, just like the 18 year old is a vatting of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks (with quite some sherry – look at the colour, and mind you the whisky is not coloured and no Caramel is added). bottled at 46% (oh well, i would love to see it bottled at 48%). NCF, of course.

Let’s try some of this liquid.

Nose: What a stunning nose on this one : delicious candied orange, and ripe blood oranges, some marmalade and old wooden furniture (libraries, church stools). The sherry is here in a big way, with XMAS cakes, wood spices, cinnamon . A lovely combination of the bourbon and sherry, with the sweetness and dried fruit, wood and spice.

Palate: The Sherry is more pronounced on the palate, with sultanas, dried fig and toffee. Ripe oranges stewed in sweet wine-y nectar (a bit like the 18 yo, but much more concentrated here), wee smoke and a nice sherry sweetness, followed by wood spices : mostly cinnamon,nutmeg and ginger. Old leather, and black pepper.

Finish: Medium-Long with chocolate, candied oranges, sultana and pepper which balances the sweetness with a spicy tang. Quite some wood too, very good casks were used obviously. Lovely.

A great older dram, with lovely sherry and bourbon influences, great wood. Not many 24 year olds at this quality are as affordable, and at this price, even locally, it’s a no brainer of a dram. Get a few bottles if you can, while this lasts. It’s superb and at today’s whisky climate, it’s also not very expensive for what you get! yummy.

Score: 90/100