Piper Heidsieck

Florens-Louis Heidsieck, Captivated Suitor: Every great story begins with an encounter. Agathe Perthois was the inspiration, the reason Florens-Louis Heidsieck strove to elaborate a “wine that smiles.”  An incredible endeavor for the young man, originally from Germany, who discovered the Champagne region and its’ wines for the first time in 1777.  Love-struck and driven by a taste for adventure, nothing could stop the tenacious genius.

Marie Antoinette, First Brand Ambassador: And why not create “a cuvée worthy of a queen?”  When he founded the company “Heidsieck & Cie” in 1785, the ambitious self-starter pursued a particular dream:  he wished to bedazzle Marie Antoinette with the fine and joyous bubbles of his champagne.   When he gave his first cuvée to the Queen, it was love at first sip, and she would become the first “Heidsieck & Cie” ambassador.   And as good fortune comes to those who dare, in that same year Florens-Louis Heidsieck would marry Agathe Perthois, his great love.

The Perfect Pair: Two men, first Christian Heidsieck (Florens-Louis’ nephew) followed by Henri-Guillaume Piper, joined the Reims venture.  They quickly became inseparable and together would promote the Champagne House’s reputation well beyond the borders of France. When Florens-Louis died in 1828 the mythical duo decided to continue the adventure side by side.

The Sacred Union: From Hapsburg princes to Chinese emperors, 14 royal and imperial courts would accord the privilege of royal warrant-holder to the Champagne House.  All of high society desired “Heidsieck’s wine elaborated by Piper.”  But suddenly, in 1835, Christian Heidsieck passed away, thus bringing to an end this formidable partnership. After a suitably respectful period of mourning, his widow would remarry – and none other than Henri-Guillaume Piper.  And so true love would exercise its influence, yet again, while charting the course of this Champagne House’s destiny. Indeed it was at the origin of the indivisible union between the names PIPER and HEIDSIECK.

Birth of the Prestige Cuvée: To celebrate Piper-Heidsieck’s centennial and the distinction of its wines, Pierre-Karl Fabergé, star jeweler of Russian Tsar Alexander III, designed an opulent jeweled bottle adorned with gold, diamonds and lapis lazuli. An unforgettable creation that marked the beginning of a lively dialogue between the Champagne House and the world’s greatest jewelers, a dialogue that has never been interrupted.

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