Remy Martin

From their wine growing origins, their family legacy, their choice of Fine Champagne, their trust in the power of time and people’s talent and their signature style based on harmony, they are rooted in exception. And have been so since 1724.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN WINEGROWING: 1724 marked the beginning of Rémy Martin, the only major cognac house to have been founded by a winegrower. Fifty years ago, Rémy Martin created the first ever wine growing cooperative in the Cognac region, the Alliance Fine Champagne. Today, nine-hundred Grande and Petite Champagne growers provide Rémy Martin with a selection of unique eaux-de-vie in an equitable partnership.

Because they are rooted in the soil, they are committed to protecting the environment. An utmost respect for nature is part of the Rémy Martin culture. Together with partners they have developed a sustainable viticulture policy. Like their centaur, they have two feet in the ground.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN FAMILY: Rémy Martin has been a family business for three centuries, run by two families who share the same values: the Rémy Martin and the Heriard Dubreuil families. Above all, Rémy Martin is a company where savoir-faire, family land, experience and formulas have been passed down from one generation to the next. It is a company driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, solidarity and long-term vision, both within the company and in relations with external partners. To be part of Rémy Martin is to be part of a family.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN CHALKY SOIL: Rémy Martin is the only major cognac house specializing exclusively in Cognac Fine Champagne. In 1948, the brand started producing cognac only with grapes from the two most sought-after vineyards: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Their blends contain at least 50% Grande Champagne grapes. The secret of these vineyards lies in the region’s chalk soil. The estates lie on soft, porous, soil that allows the vine’s roots to grow freely. The permeable subsoil retains moisture in dry weather, maintaining the grapes’ acidity and aromas. The result is exceptionally aromatic grapes and eaux-de-vie with superior aging potential. Only exceptional grapes, from exceptional soil.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN TIME: Created nearly three centuries ago, Rémy Martin was founded on craftsmanship, savoir-faire and dedication. Rémy Martin already understood the magical effects of time: how a company, just like a spirit, can develop and grow finer with age. The eaux-de-vie of Grande and Petite Champagne are particularly rich and delicate, requiring a greater number of years to fully express their true character. They have outstanding aging potential. Because each generation at Rémy Martin believes in the future, it now boasts one of the greatest cognac eaux-de-vie reserves in the world. Rémy Martin comes with time and patience: the secret to true elegance.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN TALENT: Since 1724, Rémy Martin has nurtured outstanding talent: masters of winegrowing, distilling, and blending like André Giraud, Pierrette Trichet or today’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau. He and his tasting committee are the guardians of the house’s heritage. The House of Rémy Martin also has a tradition of entrepreneurs such as Paul-Emile Rémy Martin and André Renaud whose extensive knowledge of cognac and bold approaches helped them shape their unique vision. These talented people reflect the many skills of the brand’s emblem, the centaur, who excelled as a teacher, hunter, philosopher, and herbalist. Feet in the ground, head in the stars.

RÉMY MARTIN IS ROOTED IN HARMONY: Unlike most houses, Rémy Martin continues to distill all of its cognacs on the lees – with the residual yeast – in small copper stills. This traditional process creates a perfectly balanced cognac with a subtle blend of fruity, floral, oaky, and spicy aromas, which led to the Rémy Martin signature taste: pure, elegant, rich, long–lasting. In one word: harmonious.