King of Soho

Paul Raymond was a man who played a pivotal role in the cultural and social liberation of British society. He revolutionised the district of Soho and became affectionately known as ’The King of Soho’.

His son Howard decided to capture the qualities that make Soho unique in a new brand as a tribute to his Father.

Paul Raymond helped Soho to become an area rich in creativity, music, art and modern culture. These elements are captured in the design of the bottle.

With this authentic London Dry Gin we celebrate with you the Spirit of Soho.

The King of Soho is a London Dry Gin distilled in the heart of London using traditional methods; a complex spirit crafted with 12 botanicals to our unique flavour profile. The beautiful design of the bottle embodies the characteristics that make Soho unique.

While remaining true to its London Dry heritage it has a delicate combination of sweetness, citrus and earthiness and a hint of grapefruit bitterness.

A modern classic, it is complex yet harmonious and ideal for cocktails and drinks where the spirit is King.

With this great tasting gin we celebrate the Spirit of Soho!

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