Pickering’s is lovingly created by its founders, Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell. Business partners for 12 years. Friends for even longer.

Their ethos? If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself.

MARCUS PICKERING: A businessman and entrepreneur, Marcus brings a love of gin, a lifelong fascination with how things are made, and a distinctive surname. His interest in gin and the distilling process stems from a stint as a Senior Butler at Skibo Castle, where he mixed cocktails and took local distillery tours. The idea of making his own gin grew over the years until he became involved with Summerhall, where he found the perfect location and creative spur he had been looking for. He is responsible for brand, sales and communications.

MATTHEW GAMMELL: Matt is the mastermind behind the scenes, responsible for the transformation of the Old Animal Hospital dog kennels into a fully operational distillery. Armed with an engineering degree, a background in the crystal glass industry, and 8 years’ experience in the property renovation and construction sector, he relishes a challenge. He’s also partial to delicious premium gin.

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