Give a chance to the unexpected

The story of Guatemalan aged rum is strongly linked to the Botran family, one of the founding families of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala - a productive conglomerate born from the vision and yearning for innovation of several Guatemalan families.

In the early 20th century, five brothers from the Botran family left Burgos, Spain in search of new horizons. Their destination: Guatemala. Through years of untiring dedication they perfected the art of making aged rums.

To create its Aged Rums, Casa Botran follows a family recipe combining old European traditions with local resources such as crystal-clear mountain spring water, special sugar cane varieties and state-of-the-art extraction processes.

With the climate, topograpy and soils on the southern coast of Guatemala meeting the necessary conditions, this is where the peculiarities and special characteristics of Botran Aged Rums start to be defined.

The rums are born from virgin sugar cane syrup - the product of the first press of ripe sugar cane. The syrup obtained from the mill is then heated, clarified and filtered to remove any solid particles.

Once clean, the syrup is evaporated to extract excess water and concentrate the sugars.

Following the guidelines established by its founders, Botran Aged Rums are subjected to a slow and laborious ageing process in the mountains of the Guatemalas highlands, using the renowned Solera system.

Depending on the profile of the rum, master blenders use fresh and charred barrels that have previously contained American whiskey, sherry or port.

Expert noses and palates make use of their talents to analyse flavours, colours and aromas, showcasing the magic of the Casa Botran Master Blenders.

The rums are then evaluated and blended one final time - only then will Botran Aged Rums be ready for bottling.