Dictador is a Colombian aged rum with a history stretching back to 1913. Dictador rum is the pinnacle of taste, perfected through diligent production and a recipe that is well guarded by the Parra family, the third generation of master blenders of Dictador. With distinctive smooth taste and notes of caramel, cocoa, roasted honey and coffee, Dictador rum is ideal to drink neat or in cocktails.

The history of Dictator rum is steeped in the rich and colourful history of Colombia, dating back to 1913, when Destilería Colombiana was established.

This marks the beginning of the family history of the brand. For three generations now, Family Parra, the master distillers of Dictador rum have strived for ultimate perfection, celebrating revered family-owned formulas, and elevating them to a masterful art.

Hernan Parra, Dictador Master Blender, enjoys great recognition in the world of aged spirits, and his rums have been awarded many times in international competitions including gold medals at the World Spirit Awards, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Miami Rum Festival, Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition.