Square One

Square One Organic Spirits, founded by spirits and cocktail lover Allison Evanow, is a female-owned boutique organic spirits company founded with the sole mission of creating innovative organic spirits and cocktails with an eco-conscious mindset. Back in 2004, as a spirits industry veteran, Allison knew that many spirits used artificial ingredients and additives in their products and she wondered why none of them were bringing the farm-to-bottle philosophy to the bar just like the chefs were in their restaurants. So she set out to research why, and was surprised to find that there were almost no certified organic spirits on the market at the time, and to her knowledge, none that dedicated the whole company to making exclusively organic spirits.

Upon further reflection and in thinking about what types of spirits she enjoyed, and those that she actually didn’t enjoy, she realized that the flavored vodka category was full of brands that used mostly artificial flavors, colors, added sugar and chemical additives. Certainly none of them were using real organic botanical ingredients! An idea was born!

For Allison, the opportunity to pioneer a vodka with real organic ingredients had bloomed right before her eyes. So, in a very bold move she started at Square One . . .