Crown Royal

ONLY IN GIMLI: Nestled along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba lies the small village of Gimli, where a dedicated group of workers give their time and passion to oversee the creation of CROWN ROYAL® Blended Canadian Whisky. Acting as proud stewards, these men and women perform the same process that generations of Crown Royal workers have faithfully performed. Further proof that a lifetime of experience goes into every bottle of Crown Royal.

SIGNATURE SMOOTHNESS: It’s impossible to describe any CROWN ROYAL® Blended Canadian Whisky without calling out its unmistakable smoothness. Every drop is crafted from resilient natural ingredients that were born to weather the challenging Canadian conditions where negative 30 degree temperatures are the norm. These hearty ingredients are carefully combined with the distinctively smooth water, which is naturally filtered through the limestone beneath Lake Winnipeg.

THE HEART OF THE BLEND: Fifty of the finest whiskies are meticulously blended to create the signature smoothness of Crown Royal. At the heart of this exceptional blend is our unique CROWN ROYAL® Hand Selected Barrel Canadian Whisky. Distilled to this day in the Coffey Still (named after the man who invented it, Aeneas Coffey), it’s the only known still of its kind in North America. This Coffey Rye whisky brings the signature creaminess to the Crown Royal Deluxe blend.

EXPANDING AND CONTRACTING BARRELS: The temperature swings in Gimli have a profound impact on the smoothness of Crown Royal—and the character of the residents who passionately produce it. The maturing barrels experience extreme temperature swings, causing the wood to expand and contract with the changes in temperature, which slowly adds to the developing character.

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