Paul John

John Distilleries was established in 1992 by Chairman Mr Paul P. John, a first generation entrepreneur. Over the last two decades, the Company has established itself as one of India's leading spirits companies with a strong portfolio of brands, leadership in key southern states and a market presence in 14 states/UTs across the country. The company's flagship brand, Original Choice sells more than 10 million cases annually and has established itself as the leading brand in the economy segment of the Indian Whiskymarket. In addition, JDPL has successfully introduced several brands in Brandy (Mont Castle, Roulette), Whisky (Grand Duke), Wines (Big Banyan, Ampersand) and recently launched one of India's few indigenously developed single malts called Paul John Single Malt.

From the first case of Original Choice to the successful launch of its Paul John Single Malt, JDPL has always stood for offering the best quality to its customers. It is with this single minded focus and an exceptionally talented and hardworking team that JDPL has been able to realize its dreams.

Cheers to Dreams!