Kentucky Owl

Kentucky Owl was founded in 1879 by pharmacist Charles Mortimer Dedman, whose distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River produced ‘The wise man’s bourbon’ for decades – until prohibition put an end to the party in 1916. 250,000 gallons of Kentucky Owl were seized by Federal agents and shipped up the river to the state capital, for “safekeeping” in a warehouse… One night soon after, the warehouse mysteriously burned to the ground, along with all the bourbon. The Dedmans never received a penny for the lost bourbon, and Kentucky Owl disappeared into the pages of family history. Until now.

Dixon Dedman, who worked at his family’s Beaumont Inn along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, had heard the story of his great-great grandfather’s rise and fall many times, and dreamt of one day bringing back Kentucky Owl. Family friends and kind distillers helped Dixon get a hold of some of the best barrels of bourbon in Kentucky, and he began to look into hand-selecting and blending them to recreate a new, small batch Kentucky Owl. After six years of dedicated work, he created a batch good enough to suit his tastes. Kentucky Owl was born.

Made from some of the finest bourbon in Kentucky. Barrel proof, uncut and unfiltered. Dixon’s artfully blended craft bourbons have become a cult sensation. Every batch has sold out almost solely by word of mouth.