In the south of New Zealand there lies a beautiful and powerful place called Central Otago. This land, dominated by rivers and mountains and shaped by glaciers, has become the most intriguing place in the new world to grow Pinot noir – the capricious one.

Akitu, in the Maori language, means the summit, the apex or the highest point. We called our wine that because at 380 metres above sea level we are right up there, right on the grape growing edge, against the alps and in the southern most winemaking region on earth. Here our entire vineyard is dedicated to Pinot noir - that’s all we grow - and the very best of our harvest makes akitu.

We planted our vineyard in 2002 and waited until 2012 to release our first vintage which was wonderfully received. Medals and critical acclaim followed and now our 2014 wine has won the New Zealand Pinot Noir trophy at the prestigious International Wine Challenge along with the International Sustainable trophy - humbled and honoured in the extreme.