MAN Family Wines

It all started as a simple plan: to make a wine that they would love to buy. They wanted quality wine that offered excellent value and great packaging. Not exactly an epiphany, perhaps, but enough to motivate them into action.

Of course, first they had to come up with a name. To keep peace in the families, they took thier wives’ initials (they each have one wife) — that is how they explained to Marie, Anette and Nicky that we were going to be “busy” most weekends. “It’s for you!” they told them. And mostly it’s true.

They are José Conde and brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh. They started making wine together in 2001. They are further supported by a group of dedicated grape growers from the Agter-Paarl region.

From their first 300 cases made in a tractor shed, they have grown to producing over 175 000 cases per year and exporting to 25 countries. Their biggest selling wines are their chenin blanc and cabernet sauvignon, but the area is also well known for shiraz and pinotage. And they think their other wines are pretty good, too.

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