Blantons / Gold Bourbon.

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Gold Medal / 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
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Blantons / Gold Bourbon

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Country/Region: America/Kentucky.

Unit: 70cl

Blanton’s Gold Edition was created for discerning connoisseurs who appreciate exceptional smoothness and clean finish in their bourbon whiskey. The rich taste of dark fudge, citrus, oak and cream combined with the spiciness of white pepper and rye lead to a long finish that challenges the world’s finest single malts and rarest cognacs in complexity and character. Best served neat or with a splash of water.

Type: Bourbon Whiskey

Recipe: Corn - Rye - Malted Barley

Mash Type: Sour

Still Proof: 70% Alcohol by Volume - 140 proof

Entry Proof: 62.5% Alcohol by Volume - 125 proof

Warehouse: H

Barrel Type: White Oak

Maker: Independent Stave

Staves: 6-month air dry

Treatment: #4 Char

Filtration: Chill Filtered

Bottle Proof: 51.5% Alcohol by Volume - 103 proof

Colour: Dark Amber

Nose: Powerful and Dry, marked by Honey, Heavy Rye, Dried fruits, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

Palate Entry: Sharp, Full and Rich, Marked by Apricot, Butter, Pepper, Light Honey, and Oak

Finish: Long, with Toffee and Apple, Developing on Pecan and Caramel

Best Served: Straight

Awards: 2016 Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition.