Bunnahabhain / 40 Year Old Single Malt.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Bunnahabhain / 40 Year Old Single Malt

COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Islay.

DISTILLERY: Bunnahabhain.


BOTTLER: Distillery.

ABV: 41.9% Vol.

Four long decades have crawled by as this precious whisky slowly and silently matured within our warehouses by the sea. Indeed, the casks that this whisky was maturing in were all but forgotten, until our blender discovered them whilst reviewing the warehouse ledgers. Sourced from the legendary wines and spirit merchant, J.G Turney, these casks have been home to this stunning whisky for the past forty years.

This unique 40 Year Old is as rare as it is prized – if you’re ever lucky enough to hold one, be gentle, you’re holding a piece of history!

TASTING NOTES: Dr Kirstie McCallum, Senior Blender describes the Bunnahabhain 11 year old Pedro Ximénez as:

COLOUR: Rich lemony gold.

NOSE: Hints of tropical fruits, banana, berries, creamy toffee, vanilla, rich nuttiness and delicate sweet oak.

PALATE: Sweet malt, creamy caramel, vanilla, creamy berries, with hints of toasted nuts, tropical fruit, banana and pineapple.

FINISH: Long sweet and fruity.