Cambridge Distillery / Japanese Gin.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Cambridge Distillery / Japanese Gin

COUNTRY/REGION: England/Cambridge.

ABV: 42%

The world's first gin to focus solely on Japanese botanicals; Master Distiller became enamoured with these exciting and unusual flavours, which were only accessible because of Cambridge Distillery's low-temperature distillation processes.

Japanese Gin is made using six botanicals: juniper, shiso leaf, sesame seeds, cucumber, sansho and yuzu: each distilled individually in a vacuum, then blended together for exceptional purity of flavour. Serve long with an equally delicate tonic, and garnish with a fan of crisp green apple.

Each bottle of Japanese Gin is screen-printed by hand in Cambridge: the Distillery Dog Darcy, found on every bottle of gin they produce, faces to the right on Japanese Gin – as facing "forward" is considered more fortuitous in Japanese culture.

APPEARANCE: Bright, crystal clear.

NOSE: Light, elegant, fresh green notes with gentle underlying pine / juniper.

PALATE: Dry, Light bodied. Delicate, yet immediate, fresh green notes (shiso) and juniper. Soft, rounded light body with gentle (sansho) peppery spice and lifted warmth from well-integrated alcohol and citrus (yuzu) notes.