Cambridge Distillery / Truffle Gin in Gift Box.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Cambridge Distillery / Truffle Gin

COUNTRY/REGION: England/Cambridge.

ABV: 42%

The world's first digestif gin, created when founders William and Lucy were presented with an after-dinner drinks list which didn't include any white spirits. This luxurious spirit is led by white truffle from Alba, Piedmont – an ingredient which is worth more than gold per gram.

Innovatively distilled to preserve the full flavour of the truffle, Truffle Gin achieves a flavour profile more usually associated with mature spirits, and is a complex and well-balanced spirit of unparallelled depth and complexity.

Winner of the Ultra Premium category of the Luxury Spirits Masters 2017: this deliciously decadent gin is best enjoyed neat, over ice, with a twist of orange.

APPEARANCE: Bright, crystal clear.

NOSE: Pronounced, extraordinarily complex: earthy yet fresh, forest floor, pine and mushroom.

PALATE: Dry, Medium+ bodied. Pronounced, and surprising, palate as the juniper jumps immediately to the fore despite the dominance of the truffle on the nose. Multi-layered and extraordinarily complex: earthy, truffle, vegetal, dense and decadent. Soft, rounded citrus note. Extremely long finish, constantly evolving in complexity.