Cantele / 2017 Primitivo del Salento.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
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Cantele / 2017 Primitivo del Salento

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GRAPES: 100% Primitivo.

ABV: 14%

If it were a question, Primitivo would have at least two answers: one Adriatic, the other Jonic. Two inclinations. Translating them into more or less common pleasures: the taste of reading or music at night, when the rest of the world seems under the effect of a strange spell and the secret drafting of a love letter dedicated to someone who does not suspect in the least to be motive and inspiration.

So Salento continues to express its double personality, and this is what makes it special and seductive. Just think of the two seas, like the areas for the cultivation of Primitivo which is all in all means to say a place in the middle and at the same time it is also to say the aftertaste of a clear sky, but full of the density of a time suspended at incredible heights and depth.

Like those hourglasses full of fine sand that are between the fingers of expert players, the most elegant champions capable of dilating the moments indefinitely, just like an incalculable residue of time already spent. Or, more simply, like a portrait, a laced postcard remained to testify to a place. Il Primitivo: an identity wine, almost a black and white portrait.

COLOUR: Ruby red with a delicate garnet nail.

NOSE: Mineral scents create a delicate intersection with morello cherry, black cherry and plum; the flowers and spices close in a finish with an excellent olfactory insistence.

PALATE: The non-aggressive tannins, the good acidity, in parallel with the softness and the typical alcoholicity, support the goodness of the primitive: vigorous wine once, but elegant and elegant today.