Compass Box / Delilah's XXV.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Compass Box / Delilah's XXV

COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Various.


WHISKY COMPOSITION: 29% Delilah’s 20th Anniversary Bottling*, 10.5% Cameronbridge, 10.5% Miltonduff, 20% Teaninich, 15% Malt Whisky made near the town of Aberlour and 15% Linkwood.  

BOTTLER: Compass Box (CB).

BOTTLING SERIE: 25th Anniversary of Legendary Chicago Punk Rock Whisky Bar.


CASK TYPE: Sherry.


STRENGTH: 46% Vol.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Delilah’s!

Behind the bar at Delilah’s, you will find hundred of bottles of whisky from around the world, but not a trophy in sight. These are whiskies meant for drinking. Everything is open, or can be opened. You can drink your whisky any way you like, surrounded by a passionate community of people. And people from all over the world stop by to take up that offer.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Chicago punk rock whisky bar this summer, Compass Box have once again created a limited edition Scotch whisky in collaboration with owner and whisky enthusiast, Mike Miller.

The recipe for the second Compass Box homage to Delilah’s was built around a small parcel of the original Compass Box Delilah’s blend released in 2013 - a luscious, American oak-aged whisky that was aged in cask for a further five years. With this as a base, Mike suggested adding malt whisky aged in Spanish Sherry casks, also made of American oak.

The result is a delicious Scotch whisky with notes of vanilla and spice, and rich Sherry character. It’s another incarnation of the shared vision Mike and Compass Box have for whiskies that everyone can appreciate and enjoy!

FLAVOUR DESCRIPTORS: An effusive aroma of dried fruits, baking spices and light Sherry wine character. On the palate it’s soft and rich, with a complex sweetness in the form of vanilla and spice, and a finish of fresh green fruits and cream.

RECOMMENDATIONS: This is an attractive and versatile style of Scotch whisky, ideal for sipping on its own, with a splash of water or with ice. It also works really well as a shot with a great beer.

*A parcel of the original Compass Box Delilah’s blend (2013), composed of 48% aged grain whisky from the Cameronbridge distillery, 40% aged malt whisky from the Teaninich distillery and 12% malt whisky from the Glen Elgin distillery.