Compass Box / Peat Monster 4th Edition.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
94.5 Points / Jim Murray's 2021 Whisky Bible
Compass Box / Peat Monster 4th Edition

COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Various.

CATEGORY: Blended Malt.

DISTILLERIES: Caol Ila and Laphroaig.

BOTTLER: Compass Box.

BOTTLING SERIE: Limited Edition.


CASK TYPE: American Refill Hogsheads.

ABV: 46% Vol.

For 2019, The Peat Monster has a new label. Featuring this quite marvellous specially-commissioned painting, all batches released going forward will showcase the new artwork. It isn’t just the packaging that is different, however: the recipe has evolved, too.

Still very much the whisky for those who love big, rich, smoky-peaty malts, the latest version of THE PEAT MONSTER is older and more elegant than before.

Inspired by feedback from smoky whisky lovers, the new Painting Label of THE PEAT MONSTER incorporates single malts with a more aromatic and graceful style of smokiness. Compass Box have sought to retain the peaty intensity for which THE PEAT MONSTER has long been celebrated, whilst creating a depth and elegance not seen before.

New batches of THE PEAT MONSTER boast a spectrum of powerful coastal flavours, combining the smokiness of a driftwood fire with more medicinal peat notes. Orchard fruits and rich cask-derived creaminess balance the multi-layered smoke. It is a new peaty landscape, as the Painting Label shows.

The evolution is a subtle one. We hope you will hunt down both labels and enjoy teasing out the contrasts.