Compass Box / The General.

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Compass Box / The General.

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Country/Region: Scotland.

ABV: 53%

Unit: 70cl

So, £180 for a blended whisky? This is what I was asking myself when I saw the first PR for this one. It seems a lot. But when you taste this thing, it all changes. really. So what is this “General” whisky all about? The story goes that Two different companies approached us Compass box with similar stories: they each had several casks of Blended Scotch that had been blended at quite young ages, then not required and put back into cask and left to age. One parcel was 33 years-old and the other was also quite old but CB won’t reveal the information because they fear they might violate one of the UK’s Scotch Whisky Regulations – citation 2009 No. 2890). This is a limited release of 1,698 bottles (really limited, and not the “limited” crap you get usually with releases from other whisky makers) and was bottled Nov. 2013 . NCF, No coloring added. I’m intrigued , so let’s get on with the tasting…

Nose: Clearly something else from first sniff. Oh yes. This is an antique sort of nose. Lots of old wood, Polished old benches, sweet fruit:Fig. Cherry. Sultanas. Spices:some Mint, Cinnamon. a whiff of Vinegar. In a word: Majestic. This is a blend?! Exceptional. A perfect nose. showing old age, and finesse. at 53% it’s just right.

Palate: Layers upon layers of sweet dried fruit. Zest and spice upfront. Sultana. Fig. Xmas cake. Polished wood. Old library benches. Cinnamon, and fig jam.

Finish: Long and very rewarding with dried fruit, Cinnamon. Demerara sugar and Sandalwood.

Bottom line: I was blown away by how good this stuff is. No way I would have guessed this is a blended whisky, It’s just superbly done. Old liquid , not to woody, rich, and with that antique feel to it I appreciate so much. By far the best Blended whisky I’ve EVER had. Period. Exceptional.

Ratings: 95 Points / Whisky Israel.

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