Delamain / Le Tres Venere Cognac.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Delamain / Le Tres Venere Cognac

COUNTRY/REGION: France/Cognac.

ABV: 40%

Of the cognacs in the Delamain range, it is Le Très Vénéré whose character is most etched by the gifts of time. Le Très Vénéré is a création at the peak of its potential and is the fullest expression of the art of cognac.

BOUQUET: Exuberant despite its venerable age; intense and assertive aromas, yet so tender, as to be irresistible.

TASTE: Full, mellow and deeply mature. Intense fruitiness gives way to a subtle but lingering sensation of liquorice.

FINISH: Exquisitely balanced, each characteristic is perfectly matched by its exact opposite; it is a cognac for the connoisseur.