Delamain / Le Tres Venere Cognac.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Delamain / Le Tres Venere Cognac.

COUNTRY/REGION: France/Cognac.

ABV: 40%

CASK: Limousin Oak.

CELLAR: Old cellars near the river, more humid than dry.

NAME: Le Très Vénéré was named for its venerable status, having reached the maximum age at which cognac can improve.

DETAILS OF PRODUCTION: Of the cognacs in the Delamain range, it is Le Très Vénéré whose character is most etched by the gifts of time. This blend of extremely old Grande Champagne cognacs has benefitted from maximum barrel ageing. It expresses all the nobility of the truly great eaux-de-vie when they reach the peak of their development. Le Très Vénéré is a creation at the peak of its potential and is the fullest expression of the art of cog-nac.

AGING: Each cognac is kept separately during ageing using well-seasoned Limousin oak. At the end of this ageing period, casks of the cognac are blended together based on their origin and/or quality. Once blended the cognac is then aged for a further 2 years, a process also known as ‘marraige’. It is perfectly balanced and
still crisp and fresh despite its age.

TASTING NOTES: The nose is exuberant despite its venerable age; intense and assertive aromas, yet so tender, as to be irresistible. On the palate Le Très Vénéré is full, mellow and deeply mature. Intense fruitiness gives way to a subtle but lingering sensation of liquorice. The finish is exquisitely balanced, each characteristic is perfectly matched by its exact opposite; it is a cognac for the connoisseur.