Delamain / Pale & Dry XO Centenaire Cognac.

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1 x 50cl Bottle
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Delamain / Pale & Dry XO Centenaire Cognac

COUNTRY/REGION: France/Cognac.

ABV: 42%

CASK: Limousin Oak.


TERROIR: Grande Champagne.

DETAILS OF PRODUCTION: In 1920, Jacques and Robert Delamain created a ground breaking elegant and light cognac which has come to embody the Delamain house style. A timeless classic premised on purity, excellence and a respect for nature. To celebrate Pale & Dry’s centenary, Delamain wanted to celebrate not only the creation, but also the creators and their vision; to further the Pale & Dry mission of achieving the purest expression of the noble terroir of Grande Champagne. Delamain’s new interpretation of the blend enhances Pale & Dry’s defining characteristics, building on its central vision of natural purity, whilst remaining faithful to its original sensory heritage.

BLENDING & AGING: Pale & Dry Centenaire is created from eaux-de sourced from vines cultivated in the Grande Champagne sub-region of Cognac, including eaux-de-vie from vineyards cultivated by Delamain in the hamlet of Bellevigne. The blended eaux-de-vie is then aged in old oak casks in their semi-underground cellar where levels of damp and humidity provide the ideal conditions to naturally reduce over time. Final reduction is limited to 42% using the progressive addition of “les faibles” (weak eaux-de-vie at 15% vol) to intensify natural sweetness and aromatic profile. No sweeteners or colouring is used, consequently a slight natural colour
variation may be noticeable from one blend to the next, reflecting craft and purity.

TASTING NOTES: The bouquet is intense with richly fragrant fruity notes of ripe apricot and citrus followed by vanilla “rancio”. On the palate, Pale & Dry Centenaire is light and delicate developing into fruit with a delectable powdery dry finish. Pale & Dry Centenaire is packaged in a new 50cl format; it is visually distinctive, exemplifying a less is more experience.