Dictador Rum / Generations en Lalique.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Dictador Rum / Generations en Lalique

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DISTILLERY: Distilleria Colombiana. 



ABV: 43% Vol.

Crystallized Caribbean Spirit

The collaboration, which is a first in the world of aged rum, will create classic pieces, revealing the Colombian liquid treasure within crystal art pieces designed and produced by Lalique.


Dictador Generations is a tribute to family Parra, the acclaimed producer of Colombian aged rum, now in its third generation. To honour this special occasion, Hernan Parra, Dictador Master Blender together with his father Dario Parra, created a unique blend of rum from unique 1976 vintages.

The bottle, designed by Lalique, is inspired by the magical and mysterious beauty of the Caribbean Sea with its magnificent reflections, and calming soundscapes of beaches lapped by crystalline waters. Lalique has captured the character of this natural wonder by incorporating the water patterns in its masterpiece. Enhanced by the clear and frosted technique, part of Lalique DNA, which is sculpting the light through the crystal decanter and brings the piece to life.

Through cooperation with Dictador, Lalique expands its collection of crystal bottles of the most unique alcohols in the world. 

To connoisseurs globally, the Dictador Generations, a strictly limited series of 300 art pieces, will be released in early 2021.

"This bottle, and the rum inside, represents not just a lifetime of work from myself, but also from my family before me.

The very act of making and ageing rum requires patience, forethought and experience. These are qualities that I have learned from my family, who pioneered the art of aged Colombian rums, and who have been at the forefront of rum production in Colombia for over three generations.

I am proud that in this collaboration with Lalique, the world’s most respected crystal producer, I was able to work together with my father, Dario, to create this unique blend taken only from our stocks of 1976 vintage rums.

This amazing Lalique decanter that holds our special rum, heirlooms from our family’s collection, is inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and is the perfect receptacle for our vintage rum.

We have enjoyed selecting our finest rum to showcase our family’s dedication to producing the very best aged Colombian rum, and we hope this partnership of amazing aged rum housed in a wonderful crystal decanter brings you the same joy that it brings us - HERNAN PARRA, Master Blender, Dictador."

"It is my utmost pleasure to share with you this specially produced crystal decanter. Colombia holds a special place in my heart, and it has provided the inspiration for this stunning design. The inspiration for this decanter was born from my most recent trip to Colombia, where the magical and mysterious beauty of the Caribbean Sea, with its crystalline waters and calming soundscapes is like no other place on earth. This experience provided the basis for this decanter, to be filled with precious Colombian aged rum. In my eyes, this is 'Crystallized Caribbean Spirit’ - MARC LARMINAUX, Artistic and Creative Director, Lalique."

 A strictly limited series of 300 uniquely designed crystal carafes, filled with a golden liquid treasure of remarkable, aged rum blended from a singular selection of 1976 vintages. A blend created by Hernan Parra, Dictador Master Blender together with his father Dario Parra. Aged in American Oak and Port casks, 43% ABV. International collectors, experts and investors of luxury spirits will recognise that this emotive, exquisite crystal carafe designed by Lalique for Dictador is as much a work of art as a vessel for fine rum. Each bottle is engraved with its unique number.

NOSE: Freshly polished wood with hints of leather, ripe plums and a touch of clove. Cocoa powder opens up to layers of black cherry, nutmeg, cinnamon and a touch of deep mahogany, finishing with griddled pineapple and a hint of rose petals.

PALATE: The palate opens with a deep note of dark chocolate, a hint of flamed orange peel and clove spices. Nutmeg is next up, followed up oak dryness, rich leather and Madagascan vanilla pods. High quality coffee and a hint of star anise add an additional layer of complexity. A wonderful balance of ripe fruit sweetness rounded off by earthy spices.

FINISH: Smoky toasted cigar tobacco notes are underpinned by oak spices and a light sweetness of plump raisins, rich stewed prunes, medjool dates and fig leaf. The finish is completed by rich dark chocolate notes, and more dry, earthy oak spices.