Domaine Carneros / Rose Cuvee de la Pompadour.

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6 x 75cl Bottle
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Domaine Carneros / Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour

COUNTRY/REGION: California/Carneros.

GRAPES: 58% Pinot Noir and 42% Chardonnay.

ABV: 12%

The wine's aroma, delivered on a delicate mousse, hints at wild strawberry, ripe peach, apricot, pomegranate, honeysuckle and exotic spices. Despite its colour, it is a true Brut - as dry as our other wines. And while Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé is delicious at a young age, it will also gain wonderful complexity with aging.

VINEYARDS: Traditionally, fine Rosé Sparkling Wine shave been made in very small quantities - and this is no exception. Grapes are carefully selected to showcase the great fruitiness of the region's Pinot Noir.

TASTING NOTES: To capture the wine's special fruit character, some of the Pinot Noir juice is allowed several days' contact with the grape skins to extract colour and flavour.