Hendricks / Midsummer Solstice Gin.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Hendricks / Midsummer Solstice Gin

Country/Region: Scotland.

Unit: 70cl.

ABV: 43.4%.

Introducing Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice Gin: Inspired by nature's own Summer Solstice, this unique, floral gin is reminiscent of the aromatic scents of midsummer’s day. Evoking the season’s most vivid blooms, Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin captures the essence of long, hazy summer days in a striking bottle that’s the colour of dark violets.

A taste of high summer: A delightful blend of gin botanicals makes this gin simply wondrous, with hints of orange blossom complementing zesty juniper and subtle spice. The defining Hendrick’s characteristic of classic crisp cucumber with a whisper of rose petals is unmistakable: this gin's lush flora scents create a wonderful twist on the original house style. The gin’s smoothness and floral fragrance makes it divine for a quintessential garden party on a summer’s afternoon.

Crafting gin cocktails: This decidedly unusual gin is delectable in a summertime spritz with sparkling wine and tonic wateror served simply with elderflower tonic. Serve in a balloon glass and garnish with a curl of cucumber and a juicy wedge of orange.

Perfectly presentable for gifting: A true curiosity, this limited edition libation makes an ideal gift for gin lovers. The amethyst-hued bottle is inspired by vintage apothecaries and forms an eye-catching addition to a drinks collection.

How the gin is made: Hendrick's is hand-crafted in Scotland in small batches. It's the only gin to use spirits from two different stills for a smooth yet characterful taste.

  • Infused with rose and cucumber
  • Juniper, citrus peel and Caraway seeds lend Hendrick's its instantly recognisable flavour
  • Features an experimental blend of floral gin botanicals.