Isle of Raasay / Hebridean Gin.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Isle of Raasay / Hebridean Gin

COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Isle of Raasay.

ABV: 46%

This handcrafted Scottish island gin combines ten carefully chosen botanicals, including Raasay juniper, sweet orange peel, lemon peel, and their triple distilled spirit. Bottled at 46% using water from our well, this is the first legal spirit from an island rooted in centuries of illicit distilling.

Every drop is lovingly distilled, bottled and shipped direct from the Isle of Raasay.

RAASAY JUNIPER: Expect pleasant floral, woody and pine resin aromas.

SWEET ORANGE PEEL: Soft, sweet orange citrus flavours work well with our earthy gin, and complement the crispness of the lemon peel.

LEMON PEEL: Candied lemon peel aromas. Zesty and crisp, bringing a dry freshness with a hint of bitterness.

RHUBARB ROOT: Lends a refreshing taste to the recipe, with bittersweet, grassy notes of the island.

ANGELICA ROOT: Brings an earthy, sweet, musky flavour that complements the juniper.

CORIANDER SEED: Releases complex citrusy, nutty flavours with a touch of sweet spice.

LIQUORICE ROOT: This sweet and woody botanical is used to balance and bind all the botanicals together. Expect pleasant floral, woody and pine resin aromas from this juniper-led gin.

ORRIS ROOT: Brings floral notes and also carries an earthy, dusty sweetness, reminiscent of parma violets.

CUBEB PEPPER: Aromatic pepperiness mixed with notes of lemon and pine.

TRIPLE DISTILLED RAASAY SPIRIT: Lighter than our typical new make spirit with a more concentrated blackcurrant note.

NOSE: Fresh and aromatic, with juniper, sweet orange, candied lemon and hints of rhubarb.

PALATE: Dry with bursts of juniper, richer rhubarb and citrus notes before all the flavours harmonise together for a refreshing finish.

FINISH: Dry and zesty, with a lasting aftertaste that encapsulates Raasay’s style and character.