Isle of Raasay / Hebridean Single Malt.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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 Isle of Raasay / Hebridean Single Malt

COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Isle of Raasay.

ABV: 46.4%

The first batch of their flagship Isle of Raasay Single Malt, 46.4% ABV, natural colour, non-chill filtered.

This follows the sold out Inaugural Release 2020 and represents their signature Isle of Raasay style: lightly peated with rich dark fruits.

They set out to emulate some older styles of Hebridean single malts, with subtle, fragrant smokiness balanced with dark fruit flavours.

BARLEY: They mash only 100% Scottish barley in all their production, and they have also grown and malted Raasay barley using local peat for future 100% Isle of Raasay Single Malt releases.

HIGHLAND PEAT: The barley is malted using Highland peat, giving a rich, fragrant smokiness to their spirit.

THE WATER OF LIFE: Falling as rain on Dùn Cana, the island’s highest peak, the water flows across volcanic rock and filters through Jurassic sandstone into our distillery well, Tobar na Ba Bàine (the Well of the Pale Cow).

History flows through this mineral-rich Raasay water that adds character to our spirit at every stage of production, from mashing, to cask reduction and bottling.

MATURATION: They handpick only the finest oak casks and mature all Raasay spirit in their island warehouses, maximising the influence of the maritime, Hebridean climate on the spirit.

CAPTURING THE ISLAND THROUGH DESIGN: Raasay’s landscape is incredible. Much of the geological history of Scotland is here in one form or another. The decanter-like glass bottle captures this rugged natural beauty. With Raasay’s fossils and rocks moulded into the glass, holding it is like holding a piece of Raasay in your hands no matter where you are in the world. A fusion of tradition with contemporary thinking, process, and design. That’s the Raasay way.

NOSE: There’s very gentle smoke among the sweet, slightly fleshy, fresh fruits, dry grass/green bracken and, in the background, a slight mineral note and touch of wet linen. Give it time to rest and some weight is added to the fruits (plum, raspberry), as well as peppery spice.

Water opens it up fully. There’s a greater sense of space and also depth. Its more herbal, but there’s also banana peel, black cherry, as well as a new, slightly charred, element to the smoke.

PALATE: A very soft, sweet start with some green apple, and boiled sweets, with the red and black fruits working well, and the peat drifting along. There’s a succulence in the centre providing a lovely balance between the juicy, now cherry-accented fruits, and the sweet spices, with the smoke little more than the smell of a distant bonfire. Water adds softness but also length and shows the layering effect to its advantage.

FINISH: Pepper, mineral salts, fruit skin, and light smoke.