Louis Roederer / 2009 Cristal Rose Magnum.

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1 x 150cl Bottle
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Louis Roederer / 2009 Cristal Rose

COUNTRY/REGION: France/Champagne.

ABV: 12%

GRAPES: 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay.

STYLE: A continental, sunny year with a real winter that was very cold and dry followed by a glorious sun-filled summer and almost no rain in August and September. All this meant traditional vine growth, excellent health and remarkable grape ripeness for the production of dense, fruity and delicious wines. 2009 is an obvious addition to the select group of brilliant and accomplished Champagne vintages with a light, sunny character.

ELABORATION: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay, 12% of the wine vinified in oak casks, no malolactic fermentation.

For its Rosé champagnes, Louis Roederer combines the two methods used in the region, maceration and blending. A little Chardonnay juice poured into a Pinot noir maceration and fermented together to achieve the perfect harmony. The wine is aged for 6 years in the cellars and left for a minimum of 8 months after disgorging to attain the perfect maturity. The dosage is 8 g/l.

TASTING: A light, bright pink with copper tints.

The delicate effervescence develops into a persistent string of bubbles.

The bouquet is both elegant and deep, with dark berries (blackcurrant) and fruits of the forest (blackberry, wild strawberries). There is also a hint of perfectly ripe Morello cherry. Reminiscent of concentrated tangy jam. The immediate effect on the palate is velvety, silky and enchanting - characteristic of the great Pinot noir from Ay, simultaneously intense with aromas and with a tight structure, all the while remaining delicate, subtle and ethereal.

Cristal Rosé 2009 is grandiose, with the finesse and elegance of a prima ballerina!

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