Mackmyra / Stjarnrok.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Mackmyra / Stjarnrok


CATEGORY: Single Malt.


BOTTLER: Distillery Bottling.


CASK TYPE: Oloroso, Bourbon, American Oak and Swedish Oak.



ABV: 46.1% Vol.

From deep beneath a Swedish mountain the latest latest expression from Mackmyra, Stjärnrök, arises into the heavens. Stjärnrök is nurtured from their handcrafted smoky recipes, and matured into its true form in a shelter of oloroso, ex-bourbon and American oak casks, building its body, complexity and gentle sweetness.

Subterranean, it developed its deep, dark red ripe notes through Spanish Oloroso and combined these with the native cloudberry of the surrounding ancient woodlands.

Stjärnrök can be experienced for a limited time.

NOSE:  Smoke, spiciness and peat with notes of juniper. Fruity, raisins, nuts, dried fruit, roasted bread tones, vanilla fudge, tobacco leaves, sandalwood, cedar and ginger.

TASTE:  Smoky, fruity and spicy with peat and juniper notes together with minerals, herbs from vanilla fudge, raisins, orange peel, dark chocolate and dried fruit. Further on there is spiciness from roasted oak casks, sandal and cedar wood, anise, white pepper and ginger. A soft oakiness and a light oily texture.

AFTER TASTE: Clear smoke in the aftertaste in symbiosis with exotic dried fruits.

A WINTER COMPANION: Juniper smoke & oloroso, united with tones of cloudberry gives rise to an enduringly warming and complex whisky. Stjärnrök can be enjoyed unaccompanied, or partners well with winter charcuterie of ripe figs, walnuts and strong, hard cheeses.

LIMITED PHENOMENON: Inspired by enchanting nordic skies, magic and unknown senses, the Stjärnrök Saga takes you on its captivating journey from Terra Firma to Vintergatan and back to Earth; from familiar flavours to contemporary combinations, through tradition respected.

And so became the phenomenon that is Stjärnrök, a whisky born of intrigue, of stardust, of patience, of crystal clear nordic waters and of innovation.