Mackmyra / Svensk Rok.

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1 x 50cl Bottle
95.5 Points / Jim Murray's 2020 Whisky Bible.
Mackmyra / Svensk Rok.

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CATEGORY: Single Malt.


BOTTLER: Distillery Bottling.

ABV: 46.1% Vol.

In Sweden they have used juniper to season their food for generations. Now you can enjoy the timeless flavour in a golden form. The aroma is slightly smoky and spicy, with a much smokier flavour and peaty juniper notes. Together, the flavours unites in a quite unique Swedish flavour.

Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke) is the only smoky single malt whisky made on Swedish ingredients only.

NOSE: Slightly smoky and spicy with aromas of peat, juniper and vanilla fudge.

MOUTH: Smoky with notes of peat, juniper, oak, tobacco leaves, herbs, salt, anise and green fruits.

SUMMARY: Slightly dry and smoky with notes of oak, salt and herbs.