Maker's Mark / Maker's 46.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Maker's Mark / Maker's 46.


CATEGORY: Bourbon.

DISTILLERY: Maker's Mark.

BOTTLER: Distillery Bottling.

ABV: 47% Vol.

Expertly finished for bolder character, Maker's Mark 46™ is aged longer with special seared French oak staves added later in the process for a uniquely bold and smooth taste. Maker's Mark 46 was the brainchild of Bill Samuels, Jr., son of the Maker's Mark® founders, Bill and Margie. Released in 2010, Maker's Mark 46 was the first new major expression to be created at the Maker's Mark® Distillery since their original bourbon went into production in 1953.

THE FIRST IN A SERIES: Maker's Mark 46 is the first new bourbon Maker’s Mark have produced since opening their doors and the first offering from their wood-finishing series. They experimented tirelessly with the effects of wood-finishing to craft entirely new expressions of Maker's Mark that are true to the original. This required much trial and error – but expertise, passion and persistence paid off in the end. They enjoyed the Maker's Mark 46 wood-finishing experience so much, they decided to expand the concept with Maker's Mark Private Select®.

INTRODUCING FRENCH OAK: They tried dozens of different wood staves that were cut, toasted and charred a number of ways. They added these to Maker's Mark at cask strength and eventually discovered the wonderful effects that seared French oak had on their bourbon. These virgin staves are the essential component to the amped-up notes of vanilla and caramel of Maker's Mark 46, without the bitterness that often comes with additional aging.

SO, WHY "MAKER'S MARK 46"?: The wood-finishing experiments were largely enacted by Bill Samuels, Jr., and Master Distiller Kevin Smith, with a big assist from the Independent Stave Company, the distillery's longtime cooperage. After finally finding the flavour they were after, Bill, Jr., learned that the perfectly toasted French oak stave was on file as "Stave Profile No. 46."

BILL SAMUELS, JR: Members of the Samuels family speak often about "taste vision." Vision is what set the Maker's Mark founders – Bill, Sr., and Margie Samuels – on their course to create a product that tasted and looked like no other. This taste vision was passed on to their son, who developed his own thirst for a new kind of Maker's® after years of promoting his parents' bourbon.

AROMA: Hints of wood staves, caramel and sweetness.

TASTE: Very intense flavours; a big crescendo of wood blending perfectly with deep, complex and rich notes of vanilla and caramel

FINISH: Smooth and subtle.