Musella / 2013 Amarone.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
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Musella / 2013 Amarone

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VINEYARD: 50% Corvinone, 45% Corvina, 5% Rondinella and 5% Oseleta.

ABV: 15.5%

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Veneto – Italy Northeast of Verona, in the hill that divides Montorio from the Valle d’Illasi.

EXTENSION: 27 hectares of new shoulder pad.

PLANT DATE: 1960 to 2001

COMPOSITION OF THE SOIL: Limestone with prevalence of iron red clay in the vineyards The Perlar and Palazzina, medium tufa clay dough in the Mount of the Dragon.

STRAINS PER HECTARE: 5/7000 to shoulder.

HARVEST: September 1 to October 5.


CLIMATE TREND: Winter has been marked by heavy snowfall in the mountains and temperatures are not particularly cold. Spring will be remembered as one of the wettest seasons in history; the melting snow downstream filling rivers and aches and frequent and intense rain caused very serious damage to agriculture and people, even due to the May flood. After two months of rain, at the end of June back to normal temperatures and weather conditions for the season and finally the development of the vine happened on a regular basis, although a little late. Summer, apart from a few hot days intense proceeded with mild temperatures. The rains, the constant humidity and hot temperatures have complicated both the end of the maturing, that harvesting and, above all, have damaged the process withering, which happens here naturally and therefore suffered enormously. The great and careful selection allowed us to get a good quality anyway.

WINEMAKING TECHNIQUE: The grapes chosen and collected in boxes are arranged in a special ventilated room to be dried according to the famous process of Drying. Grapes lose 50% of their original weight concentrating sugars, aromatic components and noble tannins. In February, soft pressing takes place and fermentation starts at low natural temperature (13th – 17th); the long maceration maximum extraction of the fruit. The wine remains for 12 months in oak tonneau French and in barrels of larger sizes (700, 1500 and 2000 litres); after bottling, remains to refine at least 8 months before being sold.