Paul John / Kanya.

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Paul John / Kanya

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DISTILLERY: John Distilleries.

BOTTLER: Distillery Bottling.


STRENGTH: 50% Vol.

SIZE: 700 ml.

ABV: 50%.

Unit: 70cl.

NOSE: deft acacia and heather-honey mingle contentedly with the heavier oaky notes to offer a subdued sweetness but one which compliments the intense malt perfectly;

TASTE: AH...! Those honeys are unleashed early on, seemingly free of their oaky shackles and help drive the salivating qualities of the barley through the roof; excellent oils with a gentle liquorice and hickory. A little citrus darts around but very much hanging on to the coat-tails of the malt;

FINISH: long, thanks to those never-ending oils. Even towards the finale there is still Manuka honey to be found with sub-strata of soft caramel taking the sting out of gathering spice;

PALATE: when a distillery can find honey at the very end of its flavour range and profile, you know they have cracked it. Superb!

Ratings: 96 Points and Asian Whisky of the Year / Jim Murray's 2018 Whisky Bible.