Plantation / Jamaica 2002 Vintage Rum.

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Plantation / Jamaica 2002 Vintage Rum

COUNTRY: Jamaica.

ABV: 42%

Distilled in alambic copper pot stills after a long fermentation, Plantation Jamaica represents vigour and intensity. In the cellars of Maison Ferrand in Charente, it is further eased, tamed and enriched.

COLOUR: Gold patina with amber glints.

NOSE: Intense and complex, greets with fresh fruit and earthy notes enhanced by a woody luster. Raison notes surface from the gentle distillation.

PALATE: Significant and powerful, playing with pastry and fruit notes of peach, banana, prune and walnut. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, clove and vanilla contrast the dance of flavours.

THE SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION 2018: Best in show Aged White Spirit, Best Rum, Best Extra-Aged Rum 5 years and Double gold Medal.