Square One / Botanical Vodka.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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Square One / Botanical Vodka


DISTILLERY: Leopold Bros.

BOTTLER: Leopold Bros.

ABV: 45% Vol.

Square One Botanical is a bold (90 proof) organic rye spirit infused with the essence of eight organic botanicals: pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel. A perfectly balanced harmony of fruit, floral and herb botanicals, this spirit gives added taste complexity to your favourite vodka cocktail.

TASTING NOTES: Square One Botanical balances fruit, floral, herbal botanicals, rendering this spirit perfect for cocktailing. For those consumers who don’t like gin (but really mean they dislike juniper), and bartenders who don’t like vodka, here is a spirit packed with all of the complex layers of a gin, sans the astringent punch of juniper, that appeals to all!!!