Taittinger / 2008 Collection Salgado - 1 x 75cl.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
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Taittinger / 2008 Collection Salgado

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COUNTRY/REGION: France/Champagne.

GRAPES: 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir.

ABV: 12.5%

The Taittinger Collection was introduced in 1983 by the family to reflect their passion for both the best of art and Champagne. Made only from vintage Champagne, these limited edition bottles are designed by internationally acclaimed artists. Previous releases have included Lichtenstein, Matta and Rauschenberg to name but a few. The choice of each artist takes time. The originality, cultural and artistic identity of each is key and the wine, the inspiration.

The latest edition has been created by the celebrated Sebastiăo Salgado. A first of firsts this 14th Collection bottle, from the 2008 vintage is the first to be created by a Brazilian artist and a photographic artist.

VINTAGE: After a mild, rainy winter, with no particularly cold periods, an overcast spring began with a few very localised frosts. While there was some uneven grape size development, especially in the Chardonnays in mid-June, the growing season, with relatively little sunshine, was not overly troubled by the usual vineyard diseases. The harvests officially started on 12th September but many waited a few days to start picking, which paid dividends in terms of ripeness. The weather was pleasantly cool and dry during the picking period, resulting in a fine, very healthy harvest. The Chardonnays are refined and vigorous, with good minerality. The Pinot Noirs are fruity and vinous, with finishes that are still lively. The 2008 wines stand out for their remarkable freshness and vivacity. The acidity is very firm and well-integrated, suggesting a good potential to age.

WINEMAKING: Taittinger Brut Millésimé 2008 is exclusively blended from first press wines. This wine is made when the harvest is of exceptional quality and Taittinger consider it to be a vintage wine. Following first fermentation the wines are then aged for over six years on their lees in the Taittinger cellars – allowing the aromas to slowly mature and the wine to develop length and complexity before being released.

DELIVERY: All our wines are stored in our importers warehouse’s, which have the optimum environment for fine wine storage, by carefully regulating temperature, humidity and other microclimatic factors.

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