Taylor's / 1961 Single Harvest Tawny Port.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
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Taylor’s / 1961 Single Harvest Tawny Port

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COUNTRY/REGION: Portugal/Porto.

WINEMAKER: David Guimaraens.

ABV: 20%.

Taylor’s has very substantial stocks of aging tawny Ports that were put down by previous generations and are ready to be offered. The latest of these gems is the Single Harvest 1961. The 1961 has been quietly ageing in the Taylor’s cellars and is now ready for anyone looking to celebrate 1961.

‘There are some people that may remember the Quinta de Vargellas 1961 Vintage Port which we launched in 1963. That has all now been consumed but the reserves that were put aside for aged tawny from 1961 can now be made available to Port lovers’. Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s Port.

“The lodge team have been carefully tending this stock to ensure that it remains a perfect example of a 1961 Port. The aging process has of course helped it to reach magical levels of complexity and elegance”. David Guimaraens, Taylor’s Head Winemaker.

These extraordinary wines age gently in the cool, damp and tranquil Taylor’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia where the conditions are ideal for the wines to slowly develop the rich and complex aromas, characteristics of very old Port Wines.

A very small quantity of this unparalleled Port is now launched as an exclusive Limited Edition. 2,900 bottles have been produced which are available now.

THE YEAR OF 1961: The 60s are known as the ‘Rebel’ years due to the cultural and ideological changes of the time. It is also a decade full of memorable wines that are almost impossible to find today. This is an opportunity to celebrate 1961: the year that saw Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go into space, essential for the development of telecommunications in our era. It is also the year of the creation of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which has played such an important role in conserving the planet. It was a year when the actress Audrey Hepburn starred in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's’ and the musical ‘West Side Story’ won the Oscar for best film of the year. 

TASTING NOTES: Core of walnut brown surrounded by a broad rim of pale gold with olive highlights. Powerful nose of extraordinary complexity and opulence, revealing multiple nuances and dimensions of aroma.

First to emerge is a mellow redolence of molasses, dried fig and sultana, mingling with nutty marzipan aromas. As the wine opens up, scents of cedarwood and dried tobacco leaf appear, together with subtle spicy notes of black pepper and cardamom and a fleeting fresh hint of citrus.

All this is enveloped in a powerful aura of oaky vanilla aroma, the legacy of decades of ageing in cask. In the mouth the wine is dense, round and concentrated, with a thick velvety texture, quite rich and sweet on the mid palate but then lifted by a burst of fresh acidity on the finish, which is crammed with lingering flavours of butterscotch, almond, orange marmalade and dried fruit. A beautifully balanced wine, still clean and fresh in spite of its many years of maturing in wood.