Tenuta Luce / 2016 Luce.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
96 Points / James Suckling.
Tenuta Luce / 2016 Luce

COUNTRY/REGION: Italy/Tuscany.

GRAPES: Marlot and Sangiovese.

ABV: 15%

Weather conditions throughout 2016 will be remembered as perfectly regular. Spring was mild, if with frequent rain showers, which determined an earlier start to the budding phase both for the Merlot and Sangiovese grapes that took place between the end of March and beginning of April. Summer was also quite wet, with over 15mm worth of rainfall between the middle and end of August. Temperatures in the summer were not excessively high, which helped reduce water-related stress and supported a gradual and complete ripening of the grapes.

The 2016 vintage, distinguished as it was for its regular weather conditions free of excessive rain or heat, possesses a distinctive “terroir” effect further enhanced by the excellent conditions at the end of summer and during the harvest, which allowed the grapes to reach a wonderful ripeness.

The wine possesses a rich, deep colour accompanied by an aromatic bouquet of fresh fruit and a smoothness distinguished by elegant and pleasant tannins that, while present, to not overwhelm the palate. This is a sincere and succulent wine that offers a pleasant balance of crispness, fruitiness and density, and an extremely elegant finish.

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