The Duchess / 28 Years Old Guyana Single Cask Rum.

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1 x 70cl Bottle
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The Duchess / 28 Years Old Guyana Single Cask Rum

COUNTRY/REGION: British Guyana.

CATEGORY: Single Cask Rum.


BOTTLER: The Duchess.

SERIE: Flowers.



AGE: 28 Year Old

CASK TYPE: Bourbon Cask.

CASK #: 49


ABV: 54.9% Vol.

Design wise this is a pretty stunning bottle of rum and there is no sign of the slightly odd colour schemes, we have come across with previous bottling's. Some of the colours used made some of the writing difficult to read for some people.

In the glass we have rum approaching golden brown a shade or two darker than straw. The nose if familiar, quite like a few other Enmore and Versailles labelled rums I have tried over the years. It’s quite savoury with big woody notes and a lot of pencil shavings and a touch of tar and creosote. Sweetness is provided by some notes of raisins and sultanas. A hint of peach and some notes of lemongrass.

There is a slight sharpness to the nose and a touch of menthol cough sweets. It’s very oaky with lots of wood and some white pepper.

Sipped we get a very spicy rum with lots of chilli and all spice. Again you get a lot of wood and pencil shavings which dominate proceedings. It’s a very savoury almost malty rum at times.

The sweetness on the nose has disappeared and this is a very dry spicy rum. Little sweetness aside from slight hint of aniseed on the mid palate. The finish is very savoury and quite bitter at times. A slight tartness is there like gooseberries.

Further sips reveal some more subtle fruity flavours especially on the entry. Slight notes of white grape and more bitter gooseberry and a nice hit of quite woody liquorice root. The Duchess Guyana Aged 28 Years rum review by the fat rum pirate
It’s a very dry rum with quite a long finish. It’s complex but it is perhaps a touch on the “too dry” and oaky side for my palate. I prefer my Versailles rum with a touch more raisin and fruitiness. That said this hasn’t went as far as the Bristol 1988 Enmore which was too dry and oaky. I originally thought that rum was from the Enmore EHP still but I think I was mistaken at was the Versailles.

The Duchess Guyana Rum Aged 28 Years, has kept a good balance and hasn’t become overly woody. It’s a nice solid sign off from The Duchess. Price wise its not ridiculous bearing in mind we have a 28 year old rum. I’d imagine most people looking to drop this type of money on a rum like this will be pretty clued up on how it may taste.

A nice sign off for The Duchess’ Flower Series.

TASTING NOTES: The Fat Rum Pirate.