Tua Rita / 2019 Perlato del Bosco.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
93 Points / The Wine Advocate.
Tua Rita / 2019 Perlato del Bosco.

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COUNTRY/REGION: Italy/Tuscany.

GRAPES: 100% Sangiovese.

ABV: 14%

Perlato del Bosco is the result of a particularly encouraging vintage that delivered a regular maturation of the grapes in a timely manner. The winemaking process took place in a “tino troncoconico di rovere” (conical oak vats) for 6 months and then 10 months in barriques. The vintage defines the typical characteristics of Sangiovese from the coast: fresh and classical notes of “Macchia Mediterranea” that make this wine special for its territoriality.

The good acidity makes this wine easy to drink young but also suitable for aging.

A pure expression of Sangiovese, the Tua Rita 2019 Perlato del Bosco comes from what Stefano Frascolla calls "an odd but ultimately very easy vintage" in terms of farming. This is a historic entry-level red that has been made since 1992 and is closing in on its 30th anniversary. The wood regime that favors large oak cask was tweaked in 2002, and the wine delivers lots of primary intensity and varietal purity in its current incarnation. This is one of the most Sangiovese-tasting Sangioveses made on the Tuscan Coast, with wild berry, cherry and blue flower. Fruit comes from a 4.5-hectare plot - Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate, October 2021 Week 1.