WhistlePig / The Boss Hog 2019 The Samurai Scientist.

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1 x 75cl Bottle
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WhistlePig / The Boss Hog 2019 The Samurai Scientist

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COUNTRY/REGION: Scotland/Speyside.



BOTTLER: Distillery Bottling.

BOTTLING SERIE: The Boss Hog Edition 六.


CASK TYPE: Japanese Umeshu Finish.

ABV: 60.3% Vol.

Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly Unique From Anything they've done Before. Stupendous.

On the rare occasion that Dave Pickerell’s five promises are realized, they release a whiskey that epitomizes WhistlePig’s odyssey to unlock the potential of Rye Whiskey.

The Boss Hog Edition 六 is the first American Whiskey finished using Japanese Umeshu, the result of a true collaboration between WhistlePig and Kitaya brewery on Japan’s Kyushu island.

This well aged Straight Rye Whiskey was created using koji fermentation. Each bottle is adorned with The Samurai Scientist – Jōkichi Takamine – who pioneered koji fermentation in the American whisky industry over a century ago.

Each bottle barrel is bottled at strength, between 120 – 122 proof.

NOSE: Intensely aromatic, with cinnamon, maple, and toasted marshmallow that develops with time in the glass.

PALATE: Tobacco, ginger, baking spices, and savory umami creating a remarkably rich, nuanced and elegant profile lending to soft, sweet notes that further color the mosaic of flavor.

FINISH: Incredibly long, with oak spice, char, and just a touch of smoke lingers as the finish fades.