Willet's / Johnny Drum Private Stock.

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Willet's / Johnny Drum Private Stock.

Country/Region: USA / Kentucky.

ABV: 50.5%.

With water added, the nose has some distinct similarities to a great single malt with wonderful woodsy, smokey notes taking over on the palate & then into the finish.

Colour: Mahogany.

Nose: Pine trees, campfire smoke, takes on a wonderful single malt nose when water is added.

Palate: Smoke elements quite prevalent, deep forests & woods, candied pecans, musty, oranges.

Finish: Length – Medium; Pepper, spice, mint, a blend of forests and cedarwood.

THE YEAR WAS 1861 - Confederate forces began firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour on April 12, recognized as the official date the Civil War began. Boys as young as eight years old were attempting to sign up to fight for the noble cause, but individuals under the age of 18 couldn’t join the army, unless they wanted to be a drummer or bugler.

It’s been said that almost every town and state had many of these fine, brave young men, and, truth be told, it has been well-documented that many a campaign may have failed had it not been for these young native drummer soldiers establishing communications and keeping some semblance of order among various units in the field.

Like so many other young men during this time, Johnny Drum attempted to join a regiment in his home state, but was turned down because of his age. Eventually, Johnny ran away from home and found a regiment to take him in and allow him to serve as a drummer boy.

Upon completion of his duty and the end of the Civil War, legend has it that Johnny returned home to settle down amongst the rolling bluegrass knobs of his native Kentucky, where he staked his claim among a beautiful spring. Like so many other pioneer farmers that had been granted “corn writs” in the Kentucky Territory, Johnny soon learned the importance of finding a way to convert his excess corn crop into something profitable, rather than allowing it to go to waste. Johnny had a penchant for giving his all, regardless of cost, and it wasn’t long before Johnny’s determination produced an exceptional bourbon whiskey that earned him a reputation for making the finest sipping’ whiskey in all of the Territory.

To this day, we celebrate the passion of Johnny Drum and invite you to try this time-honoured recipe for what is still the finest sipping’ whiskey in all of the Territory.