Pusser's Rum

The original navy rum

Pusser's Rum is a World-class award-winning dark rum. The blend originates from stills in Trinidad and Guyana and is heavily influenced by the wooden pot still that was the signature of the Royal Navy for hundreds of years when it was served on board ships as the "Daily Tot" until the tradition was stopped on July 31st 1970.

Pusser's Rum is a rich aromatic rum with a full-bodied flavour and complex nose. Despite this seeming complexity, connoisseurs all agree that it is a uniquely smooth and flavourful rum, worthy of its multitude of awards.

Simple is hard to get right!

Taste the difference of a real Pusser's and Coke. This simple taste test demonstrates that even with a strong mixer, Pusser's still stands tall.

As a totally natural rum, the full flavour of Pusser's can be savoured neat, or is perfect for all rum based cocktails, with both the Nelson's Blood and The Painkiller being the signature serves, and a must for all rum bar menus.

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