Te Awa Collection

Te Awa o Te Atua, meaning 'River of God' in Maori, speaks of the mysterious subterranean streams that weave their way deep beneath the vineyards.

The winery is situated in the sacred Gimblett Gravels, a gift left behind from the trails of the old Ngaruroro River which meandered through the region until a huge flood changed its course in 1867. Te Awa create fine, concentrated wines owing to these unique river stones.

A sense of exploration runs deep in the Te Awa Collection, just like the ancient Ngaruroro River winding its way through the Gimblett Gravels, always seeking a different path. A life source to the vineyards, the natural elements combine with winemaking, stories and history to weave together Left Field and Te Awa Single Estate wines.

Left Field wines are the birthplace of the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful. They take a whimsical approach to exploration, creativity and imagination and go beyond the boundaries of the Te Awa Single Estate.

The Te Awa winery was first established in 1997 by the Lawson Family, the winery is now owned by Sir George Fistonich.

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